Everyone has a story about a conveyancing lawyer who has quoted them one price and then charged them another. Most lawyers record their time in six minute units and live in a world where they have a large budget to meet each month. So every time you pick up the phone and talk to that lawyer, if their hourly rate is say $350, which is par for the course among Christchurch lawyers, your phone call just cost you $35! It doesn’t matter whether that phone call took 30 seconds or five minutes! But watch out, stretch the call out to 7 minutes and all of a sudden you’re likely to be up for $70 for that phone call!

We think that is wrong so when we help you with your conveyance we will send you a letter of engagement as we are obliged to do, but in that letter we will specify a fee which we have agreed with you and, here’s the good bit, we will honour that fee regardless of how complicated your transaction might become. How can we do this? Quite simply, because we do not believe in imposing large budgets on our lawyers and legal executives and we do not record time.

As a business we do not fight for work by quoting on price either. If it is simply the cheapest price that you are after then you may find it somewhere else. But if what you seek is a fair fee for a job well done with excellent personalised service along the way then this is what we offer you. We like to call it “no surprises law”.

This can be particularly important for first home buyers who are often utilising the Welcome Home Loan product and who, because their deposit is usually less than 20%, will be paying a low equity fee to their lender and, almost always will not be receiving a contribution towards their legal fees. If that describes your situation then my guess is that what we are offering is exactly what you need, a fee which once quoted is set in stone and will not change.

So if you are looking for excellent service at a fair price for your conveyance which we will guarantee in writing then we invite you to go to our conveyancing lawyer contact page now and reach out to us now for your guaranteed fee quote.

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