In the wake of the horrific events on Friday the 15th of March 2019, we have all had occasion to reflect on what is happening in our little country. I thought (hell I think we all thought) that we were immune from this sort of horrendous hate crime way down here in the South Pacific but sadly, that naivety has now been proved wrong.

As my sister in law has just so eloquently and poignantly put it in a Facebook post, today we get to hug those we love, tell them we love them in person or give them a call or send them, a message, but for 50 families this week that is not the case.

Like many of you, I have been so impressed with the reaction of particularly Cantabrians, but in truth, all of New Zealand, in rallying around the Muslim community to show them that they are not alone, their pain is our pain and that we all hurting at this terrible crime which has been committed at their place of worship.

My business, like some other law firms, has tried to do its little bit by offering the services of our bi-lingual lawyer, Sandra Iskander, who speaks both English and Arabic fluently. That offer remains true and if any family affected by this dreadful tragedy requires pro bono legal services, you are welcome to call Kannangara Thomson on 377-4421 and, ask for Sandra in the first instance. If your legal query is outside the scope of her experience, she will find someone else who can help you.

I think we can all be proud of the reaction of our government, our country and our people. Evil cannot triumph where there is love, compassion, unity and understanding.

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