We care about you and what matters to you.

We spend a lifetime acquiring assets and saving for a rainy day.  Our focus is helping you acquire those assets and keeping them safe from life’s curve balls.
We will help you identify the legal ways you can safeguard what is yours for you and your family

Experts in Kiwisaver and Homestart




We can guide you through the minefield of dealing with your Kiwisaver provider and the three stage application process for a HomeStart grant. We take the stress out of this process and we work closely with your bank or mortgage advisor to assist with your finance application process.

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What we can do
for you

Our focus is helping you acquire those assets which matter to you and finding the right legal structures to protect those assets form life’s curveballs. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, after 30 years in practice, we can help you with anything, be it your first home purchase, a subsequent purchase, an investment property purchase or a commercial property.

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FREE Review of Auction & Deadline Sale

No, you are not seeing things! We
offer a FREE review of auction or
deadline sale packs for you and
provide a written report for you at
NO COST. Obviously we hope you
will remember our service and come
back to us to assist with your
purchase but if you are unsuccessful
at auction there is no fee.

Investments Property – Buying “Off the Plans” 


If property investing is your game then look no further for highly qualified advice on investment property purchases and getting the structure and tax effectiveness of your investment right. We understand investing and work closely with your accountant to ensure the best outcomes for you.



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