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We care about you and what matters to you. We spend a lifetime acquiring assets and saving for that rainy day. Our focus is helping you acquire those assets and keeping them safe from life's curveballs. We will help you identify the legal ways you can safeguard what is yours for you and your family.


Buying a New Home? So you’ve entered into a contract to buy a new home. Buyers will be aware of the range of conditions which are traditionally inserted in a contract for their protection. These include things such as confirmation of finance, approval of a Land Information Memorandum and aRead More…

FREE – Yes You Read It Right, Free Auction Pack Appraisal

SELLING AT AUCTION Selling property at auction has become almost the norm these days. From a vendor point of view it is often a clever ploy because if there is anything at all dodgy about a property it forces the buyer to do their due diligence and maybe ‘take a punt’Read More…

We have 30 years experience helping clients with property sales and purchases. We have expertise in dealing with Kiwisaver withdrawals and HomeStart Grant applications for first time buyers. Best of all, when we quote you a fee it is guaranteed